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Digital Business Cards

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You Should Have A Great Digital Business Card

A physical business card is a must-have for everyone in the corporate or professional world. It is the perfect networking tool, containing all of your contact details. A Digital Business Card functions the same way but for the digital world.

What is a Digital Business Card?
With so many social media sites available to business owners, it can be very overwhelming to share every single link with a potential client. With a digital business card, you can consolidate all of your social media and contact details in one compact space for easy viewing. A digital business card can take many forms, usually a shareable link, and is commonly found in email signatures.

Why Should You Have One?
As many businesses turn to the internet for their hiring and marketing needs, having a great digital business card is more important than ever. Being digital and easy to share means it can reach a wider audience more quickly and effectively than a tangible card.

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A digital business card offers several advantages over a physical card:

  • Unique to You – A digital business card represents you and the services you offer. With the right design and color combination, your digital business card will effectively represent your business and ALL your services.
  • Convenient – Digital business cards can be accessed anywhere and at any time as long as you have a phone or computer. Being digital, you can change or update your details and contact information with ease.
  • Flexible – Despite being compact, you can add a lot of details on your digital business card to enhance it. You can use videos and images to show off your portfolio, or use hyperlinks to direct potential clients to your website.
  • Eco-Friendly – All physical business cards eventually end up in the trash, used or unused. Being electronic, digital business cards can help reduce overall paper waste. If you are environmentally conscious, a digital alternative is the way to go.
  • Affordable – Designing and printing business cards aren’t expensive. But the costs add up as you print more cards to refill your supply or reprint after you update a company details. Digital business cards can save you money for other ventures or needs.
  • Guaranteed Returns – With just a few clicks, your potential clients can look at your details and then contact you immediately. You don’t have to fear your card being lost, forgotten, or thrown away by the client.

Though there are some DIY services, we specialize in Building Better Business Cards. If you are in need of your own digital business card, we would love to build one for you. Please contact us so we can get started.

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