The Value of Good Web Hosting

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Why should you pay for good web hosting?

Running a business is expensive.  We get it.  We have the same expenses you do.  Most of the big names in tech offer web hosting and they give it to you cheap.  In our experience, you get what you pay for and we’ll make the case for you to help you decide.

There are ways to get hosting for $5/mo which sounds like a great deal.  As web developers, we’ve helped clients on just about every provider, so we have first hand experience with them and we have concluded that the cheap hosting doesn’t actually save you money in the end.

The easiest way to explain this has to do with the attention span of your internet audience.  The stats show that your website needs to load in under 3 seconds or you risk impatient visitors giving up and moving on.   What a shame this is.  You have a website you love (hopefully) and you’re excited to show it to the world only to have them skip it because they can’t wait 4 seconds!  

There are many ways to speed up a website like compressing your images and using a CDN, but the ttfb is probably the most important. 

What is TTFB?
Time To First Byte is the time it takes your web server to wake up and start delivering your website.  Cheap servers like to sleep and they take a while to wake up.  No amount of espresso will help them.  This means that when your visitors request to see your site, the server is yawning and won’t begin to load your site until they’ve cleared the sleep from their eyes.  Silly analogy but this is how it works.

The solution is to pay a little more for hosting.   Putting your website on a server that wakes up fast means the load of your website starts sooner.  Think of an olympic sprinter.  Reaction time can mean the difference between a gold medal and no medal.

You might think this is not very important.  True it’s not “mission critical”, but as your website grows and the number of visitors increases, this difference become exponentially more important.

We provide hosting as part of every contract.  We use a Cloud Server with plenty of “resources” that ensures your ttfb is super quick.  If you’re curious about how fast your website is, take a quick visit to GTMetrix and you’ll see.  

Here’s a link to Cloudways. Check them out for yourself. If you have any questions about it and how our company uses them, please feel free to contact us.  We’ll set it all up for you or you can pick up hosting yourself.  Clicking on our link will give you $25!


Click this link to Cloudways and get $25 credit.

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