Landing pages

Landing Pages

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Landing Pages: What They Do and How They Help

A landing page is used to convert visitors into potential customers called leads. It is a page, containing a form to record information, maybe a few graphics or images, and not much else. Often, a company that provides multiple services may use a landing page to highlight a single service. The creates a singular approach to generating leads and ensures the user is not confused with too many choices.

What Does a Landing Page Do?
Landing pages are designed primarily to gather a website visitor’s information, such as the name and email address. Once entered and sent, the information can be stored in a CRM database or manually input into a spreadsheet of your company. The visitor has now become a lead.

Once collected, the company’s sales team can use the data to create a strategy, or a set of strategies, to turn the lead into a fully developed customer. This process is called lead nurturing, where the salesman builds rapport with the potential customer. If successful, the lead will become a loyal customer.

Landing pages can be used to build a relationship in other areas while giving something in return. For example:

  • Before you can get a free ebook copy of an eBook, you need to fill out the form on the landing page. From this information, the company can keep track of which products you prefer for their next marketing campaign.
  • A landing page can take the shape of an event registration form. Event organizers can use the data to give their attendees event updates or a preview of what will be discussed.

How Does a Landing Page Help?
Landing pages can help you and your business in a variety of ways, depending on how it was designed.

  • Help Develop a Buyer Persona – Before a company can jump into a market, they will need to know who their target customers are first. The information they gather from landing pages can help the company create a fictional representation of their future consumers. This would allow them to devise possible strategies they can use on real buyers.
  • Help Bring Brand Awareness – Landing pages can be used to bring awareness to your brand with a combination of minimal text, images, and color schemes. Alternatively, social media buttons can be placed strategically within the landing page so the visitor can check them out after filling up the form.
  • Help Add Credibility – Instead of using text and images to create brand awareness, use them to add to your company’s credibility. A testimonial or two can help convince your potential customer to trust you more.

Despite its singular purpose, a landing page is very versatile. A company can make use of multiple landing pages, each designed to fulfill specific goals. If you are looking to make a landing page, or three, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s help you drive traffic to your website today.